How To Spot A Reseller Hosting Company?

Reseller hosting is when someone is buying server space from another host with the intention of selling it to other people, thus allowing the buyer to function as a host. While there’s nothing really wrong with reseller hosting, it might be difficult to solve certain technical problems because the reseller does not own or have access to the servers. It’s almost impossible to definitively tell the difference between real and reseller hosts, but there are a few things that you can check. Below are some of the things you need to know about reseller hosting.

Trace Routes Use the TraceRoutes website to see where the servers are located. This will show you if the host owns their own servers. For example, if you run a trace and find that a host’s servers are from JustHost, then you know that you are dealing with a reseller. At the same time, many hosts (like HostGator) co-locate some of the servers.

This means that this is only effective about half of the time. Offer Reseller Hosting Almost every host offers reseller hosting because it’s an easy way to make money. They sell the hosting for slightly less than usual, but the buyer gets more bandwidth and memory at a time to host many different websites. While there are certainly some exceptions to this rule, most resellers are not authorized to resell their own server space. At the same time, many hosts don’t offer this for one reason or another.

Contact Methods Reseller have great hosting reviews and tend to have fewer contact methods than regular hosts because this makes things easier for them. If you are dealing with a real host, then they will often have a phone number so that you can contact the technical team. Resellers, on the other hand, usually don’t have a phone number because they have to pass your questions onto the real host. This means that they will usually favor email communication so that they can seamlessly transfer questions back and forth between you and the real host. At the same time, this also isn’t entirely effective because many legitimate hosts don’t have phone support.

Pricing Resellers often sell their hosting for much less to attract customers. This is often because they can’t offer the same level of support, but they can give you cheap hosting while still making a profit. However, there are many budget hosts made to accommodate users that don’t want to spend much for hosting.

No Host Name If you are dealing with a Web developer, SEO provider or any other service provider that says that he or she can host your website, but doesn’t give you a specific host name, then this person is usually a reseller. Sometimes they have their own server, but they are usually outsourcing from a real host. Just Ask This is the most effective method. Just call or email the host and ask. Ask the representative if he or she is buying server space from a real host. If you are dealing with an honest business, then the person will tell you the truth without any tricks. If the person doesn’t give you a straight answer, then it might be best to find another host anyway, because what else is the business hiding?

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